A simple alternative to DDCLIENT.
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How to install DDNS-CLIENT as dependency

Simply run the command go get gitea.antoine-langlois.net/DataHearth/ddnsclient

Run the client

You have 2 options to run the DDNS client.
You can run it as:

  • docker container:
docker run -v /path/to/config/ddnsclient.yaml:/ddnsclient.yaml --name ddnsclient datahearth/ddnsclient:latest

or with a custom config path:

docker run -e CONFIG_PATH=/path/inside/container/custom.yaml -v /path/to/config/ddnsclient.yaml:/path/inside/container/custom.yaml --name ddnsclient datahearth/ddnsclient:latest
  • binary executable:
git clone https://gitea.antoine-langlois.net/DataHearth/ddnsclient.git
cd ddnsclient
go build -o ddnsclient cmd/main.go

make sure the config is in the same directory with the name ddnsclient.yaml or set the CONFIG_PATH variable

Supported providers

Any provider using the standard for DDNS should be supported by default thanks to the generic configuration.
You just need to get your credentials (obviously) and the update URL.
If you face any kind of issue, feel free to open an issue and ping me in it. If necessary, a branch will be open to fix the problem.

Provider Configuration key Implemented Tested
DuckDNS duckdns YES YES
No-IP noip YES NO
DynDNS dyndns YES NO
CloudFlare cloudflare NO NO

Note: For DDNS providers using basic authentication inside URL (e.g: https://{username}:{password}@ddns.something.com/...), remove the usernameand password part to get only the "classical" URL (e.g: https://ddns.something.com/...). Then fill the username and password fields in the provider configuration.


You can contribute to the project by submitting an issue and resolve issues by creating PRs. I'll look at them and validate your changes if they're correct as soon as possible.


  • Add HRM to configuration file
  • Add more DDNS provider (see the table above)